I warn my partners confidentially by sms

I warn my partners confidentially by sms

Have you contracted a sexually transmitted infection?
It's important to tell your partners in the last three months (or more). You will enable them to be tested and treated as soon as possible.
It is through STI testing and treatment that we can break the chain of transmission together, so it is important to tell your partners as soon as possible.
A direct contact or a personal message will surely be more appreciated by your partners, but if this seems impossible, we have developed this anonymous tool for you!

Instructions for use

  • You can add up to 10 numbers at a time.
  • The SMS will be sent between 10am and 5pm. If you use this service outside these times, the message will be sent the next day at 10am. 
  • The telephone number should be written without spaces, with the national prefix, removing the leading zero. For example, the Belgian number 0477 03 61 84 should be written as +32477036184
  • To avoid errors, the site asks you to enter the same same phone number twice. If you make a mistake, you will have to start again.
  • You can send SMS to foreign numbers, but you have to be in Belgium to use this service.
  • The "FR & EN" button allows you to choose the language of the SMS.
  • The service will not mention your first or last name or telephone number. However, depending on the number of sexual partners you tell, it may be possible to deduce your identity. 
  • Please do not use this service if you have discovered that you are a carrier of HPV (human papillomavirus, condyloma) and/or herpes. To find out why, click here for HPV and here for herpes.
  • This service has been developed for prevention purposes to reduce the transmission of STIs. Please use it wisely. Any reported misuse will be taken into account in the evaluation of the scheme.

The sms received by the recipient(s) in French:

One of your partners (past or present) wants to warn you that he or she has contracted a Sexually Transmitted Infection and encourages you to get tested.
Rest assured, all STIs can be treated. More information on www.depistage.be/sms
Not being warned anymore? STOP 36173 "

The sms received by the recipient(s) in English:

"SMS from depistage.be
One of your sexual partners (previous or current) wants to tell you they have had a sexually transmitted infection. We advise you to get tested as soon as possible.
Don't worry, all STIs can be treated. More details? www.depistage.be/SMS
Don't want to get this kind of message? Send STOP at 36172"