I discuss this directly with my partners

I discuss this directly with my partners

If you feel comfortable with this, we recommend that you tell your partners personally, as sympathetically as possible. Take the time to ask yourself how you would receive this kind of news and how you would like to be notified. 

Preventing your partners is also doing them a favour so that they can be tested and treated, and stop transmitting the infection. 

As we know that it is not always easy to inform your partners, we have listed some recommendations to ensure that this happens in the best conditions. 

  • First and foremost, there is no There is no shame in getting an STI, you don't have to feel guilty about it. They are part of sexuality!
  • We advise you to wait until you have received medical advice (screening or clinical examination) before telling your partners. 
  • Your partners will probably appreciate it if you announce it to them in person (face to face, by phone, message or email). 
  • It is often very difficult to know exactly who has infected whom. When you send out a notification to your partners, you can't necessarily know who has infected whom, the important thing is that everyone is tested and treated. 
  • Your partners may have questions or need reassurance, you can refer them to prevention associationsYou can refer them to prevention associations, health professionals or the website www.depistage.be .
  • You can explain to your partners where and how you have been tested and treated. 

Despite these recommendations, if you are not able to notify your partners directly, we have developed a free and anonymous partner notification tool: SMS TEST.